The nutshell version:
I started my career in advertising during the digital boom and immersed myself in social and digital experiences, spearheading content strategy and helping brands tell stories across emergent media platforms. Then I went in-house for Jaguar and Land Rover, mastering the voice for two iconic British brands. My experience spans conceptual and traditional advertising to direct response, experiential and interactive.

Who am I, really?
I'm obsessed with stories. Movies, TV, books. I made a short film with a four person crew last year. When I'm not writing, I'm riding. In a past life I trained former racehorses after they came off the track. I live for the moment when people connect to something - a brand, an animal, another human.

My Origin Story:
Once upon a time, I graduated from college. It was 2008.

That August, two months after spending four years in Santa Barbara, CA, I moved to New York City. I had a little saved up and the idealistic perspective that after a few months temping, I would land an entry level position in public relations or advertising and live out my yuppie fantasies in the city that I had idolized since I was eleven years old. Not a month after that, the stock market imploded and my beloved Big Apple was at the epicenter. Actually, my dreams were at the epicenter. The two interviews I had lined up were canceled and New York quickly shed its glossy façade to reveal a desolate maze of skyscraper-tall walls. Having just sunk my savings (and some of my parents’ gifts) into a glorified closet that I would share with two other people, I panicked.

For a minute.

Then I walked ten blocks to the one place I could remember vividly from my childhood trips to the city: New York’s only equestrian tack store, Manhattan Saddlery. Amazingly, the owner was hiring a sales associate. He would pay 12.50 an hour, plus commission. I started the next day.

Well, you try selling largely frivolous specialty leather goods in the middle of the great recession.

At first, I was lucky to work a whole day without being sent home. But slowly, people came out of the woodwork. And, as it turned out, being the only equestrian goods supplier on the island made for some very interesting transactions. I watched as a stalwart community of urban horse lovers took shape.

The problem of abysmal sales still existed, however. The Saddlery had survived so long on being niche that the owner had never put any thought into marketing. So, I met with him after hours to write a marketing plan and devise a budget for email marketing, social media, advertising, SEO, and public relations.

Those hours resulted in a trade award, a partnership with the Foxhunting Ball, an actionable marketing strategy, and a plan to reinvent Manhattan Saddlery as a destination for the NYC equestrian community. The icing on the cake was a window display designed to illustrate a foxhunt after I sent out a craigslist casting call to local set designers. The window was done just in time for Christmas that year.

During a time when many storefronts were shuttered, this little store managed to honor the community that supported it. And I realized that I wanted to keep doing that - fostering community and creating value - again and again, for other brands that I was passionate about.


Current: Copywriter at Spark44

January 2015 – Present Los Angeles, CA

Concept, pitch and produce integrated media campaigns for two iconic British brands. Work with Global Creative Director on global projects.

Content Strategist / Copywriter at Phelps

2013 – 2015

Built agency social media and content capabilities while taking on as many copywriting opportunities as I could: ads, emails, billboards, video concepts, tweets, you name it. Was part of the team that pitched and won the Hong Kong Tourism Board business.

Digital Copywriter at POSSIBLE

2011 – 2013

Bridged the gap between conceptual and CTA-based digital advertising as the social and digital content lead for Mitsubishi Motors. Grew social footprint and engagement by over 200 percent. Was then tapped to write social media strategy and copy for Revlon.

Content Strategist / Writer at Orion Creative Group

2010 – 2011 San Diego, CA

Was founding member of a boutique Drupal shop where I did a little bit of everything, but mostly copy, content, and some exciting but non-successful new business pitches.

Social Media Coordinator at Geary Interactive

2009 – 2010 San Diego, CA

Was hired after pitching myself as a social media copywriter via Twitter. Wrote social media copy and content strategy for CPG and cosmetics clients; planned and executed social media campaigns.


Jaguar, Land Rover, Mitsubishi Motors, Revlon, Southern California Edison, SoCalGas, BumbleBee Foods, LAX, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Dunn-Edwards, Tahiti Tourism North America, SoCalGas


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