Land Rover Genuine Parts

Global pitch for the Land Rover Genuine Parts business.

There are no small parts.
In fact, each part deserves its own manifesto.

Art Director: Tim Hawkins

  • Role Copywriter
  • For Land Rover

Air Filter:
In. Out. Your Land Rover breathes, too. Hard. And this? This is its “negative energy” filter. This reduces the dust, dirt, and grime that your car breathes in. Keep it clean, and it works harder. It lowers emissions. It improves overall efficiency. This makes your car a better person. This is yoga. This is therapy. This is calm. Soothe your Land Rover with the filter that was made for it, by Land Rover Genuine Parts.

This bright, bold light is your torch for braving new territory. This is one half of one pair of identical, fog slicing, darkness defying, multi-faceted luminaries that help you see further, go further, and make it back in time for dinner. This is the first thing that lets your family know you’re home safe. Like your own eyes, one light would be all-wrong without the other. The only place to find this light is Land Rover Genuine Parts.

We don’t like to be told to stop. But part of going forward is knowing when to pause. Stopping is about control, about harnessing momentum. Sometimes stopping is leisurely. Sometimes, it’s a sudden, urgent need. Every moment that it takes to come to a stop can make all the difference in the world. Stop. It seems simple. But in reality, it can be one of the hardest things to do. Don’t make it any more complicated. You drive a Land Rover. Use Land Rover Genuine Parts.